Overseas Forwarding Services
You can receive Zoff eyewear products at your home with Overseas Forwarding Services

About Overseas Forwarding Services

Overseas forwarding service providers support you to receive Zoff eyewear products at your overseas address.

3 steps to complete shopping

  • STEP1

    Register with your favorite Overseas forwarding service provider. Write down "forwarding number" or "post‐office box number" for your reference to register.

    Compare each forwarding service Register with one of the service providers

  • STEP2

    Shopping at Zoff online store.
    *Fill in the "forwarding number" or "post‐office box number" issued on STEP 1 on Zoff online store.


  • STEP3

    Overseas forwarding service provider forwards the products to your overseas address once it receives the products at its own warehouse.

    Ship the products

*Overseas forwarding services providers support you to ship Zoff eyewear products abroad.
*If you have any queries about the forwarding services, please contact the following service providers.

Costs and fees

  • Payment at Zoff online store

    pricedomestic shipping fee
    (if necessary)

    *Shipping fee to Overseas forwarding service provider's warehouse.

  • Payment to Overseas forwarding service providers

    Overseas shipping
    fee and
    forwarding service fee

    *Confirmed the size and weight of the products measured by the outer package size when the products arrive at Overseas forwarding service provider's.

  • Payment on delivery


    *Duty & taxes are calculated based upon the products category and destination country.

Guide to Overseas forwarding service providers

  • No. 1 Overseas Forwarding Service Provider
  • New Fee Structure! Handling fees starting at just 50 yen!
  • Aside from fast EMS, we now have cheaper sea or SAL shipping methods!
  • Items shipped out as fast as one business day after arrival!
  • Fast customer support response

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  • Transfer fee starts at a reasonable ¥300
  • Choose your preferred method of shipping (EMS, airmail, economy air, sea mail, FedEx, etc.)
  • No extra charge to ship multiple deliveries together
  • Proxy service also provided
  • Free luggage storage for up to 1 month. You can take your time shopping

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Important Notes

*This page is an introduction to Overseas forwarding services. Please be aware that we are unable to accept any liability for damage or loss resulting from issues with these Overseas forwarding service providers.
*We accept only "Credit Card" as a method of payment on Overseas forwarding services.
*Please see HP of each Overseas forwarding service provider to check upon payment methods.
*The customer must bear returning costs to Japan if the products are returned because of absence at home and unpaid duties, tax, and customs fee.
*Click here for country-specific information about import restrictions.